Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A TARDIS heard a WHO

I just finished up another challenging and fun swap on Raverly.  The theme was mythical creatures and it ended up being one of my overall favorite to make.  My partner had basic "mythical" creatures that she would like to received.  From dragons, faeries to gnomes.  But what I thought was unique, she said "Doctor Who" is mythical, so he counts right?  Well of course he does, all 11 of them!

I was able to find an adorable pattern for the "Season 11" doctor and my ideas for additional items took off like crazy in my head.


A Doctor is not complete without his TARDIS so I scoured the Internet to find a tutorial on making your own personal TARDIS.  Smaller in size of course!

Wooden Tardis

The box even has a working light thanks to my Engineer Husband!  I think I about drove him batty about my requirements I had when making the TARDIS. He tends to think inside the box and I go in, out, and all around.  But he came up with a fantastic idea of using a head band reading light, inserting the light into a foam-core box.  The foam-core helped secure the light and you are able to "Twist" the light on/off from the top of the TARDIS.


I used poster board instead of card stock for the front of the TARDIS.  The poster board did not curl as much when I applied the paint.  As for the paint, I had to make sure I got the right kind of "Who" blue.  I have never met a Doctor Who fan who is not particular when it comes to re-creating something from Doctor Who!


For the paint color I used Americana acrylic paint in "True Blue" and "Ultra Blue Deep". When I mixed the paint I only added a few drops of the True Blue to the Ultra Blue to where I just had the right tone and brightness to the blue.  Or as close as I could get it.

When applying the paint, I applied it in several thin layers to achieve an even look.  I used Mod-Podge to glue the poster board to the front of the box and turned the box on its front and placed several books on top of the box so it would dry evenly and securely.

For inside the box I used metallic copper acrylic paint and found a photo on Google Images of the interior of the inside of a "Season 11" TARDIS.  I used photo paper when printing out the photo and mod-podged the photo to the inside of the box.


I am very happy on how everything turned out and it was very hard to mail off the package off to my swap partner!  But I see more crochet "Doctor Who" in my future!


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Karen said...

That is neat! I hope you got something just as thoughtful in return :)